User Agreement



This agreement of use, Akşemsettin Mah. Hakperest Sok. No:28 Daire:5 FATİH İSTANBUL ENSA TOURISM TRAVEL AGENCY SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ (hereinafter referred to as ENSA) and the user on the other side of the platform (hereinafter referred to as MEMBER). ENSA and MEMBER together will be referred to as PARTIES.


This is to determine the owner of the members of the Convention subject ensa through the platform where the benefit of Turkey and abroad will buy transport services and conditions of use.


Hizmet Service Üy means the facilitating services for the members of the Road Transport Service and the drivers of the company to meet on the Platform and to facilitate the fulfillment of the transportation / logistics services agreements concluded with ENSA by determining the provisions of the Members with their free will;

INTERNET WEBSITE: Desktop computer, laptop, PC, etc., which can provide connection with a special internet browser where the procedures and principles of purchasing, using and payment methods of transportation services are shared with the Member. ENSA proprietary software for devices.

“Panel Usage Fee bedel is the amount to which ENSA will qualify for the cancellation fees that are not eligible for the cancellation terms and periods specified below, in case the Company approves and acquires the Member through the Platform and in return for the realization of the Transport Service in question.

“Reservation”: start location, start time, route, destination Member or passenger information The information provided by the Member includes all the information, including the fee for the transportation service shared with the Member from the website of ENSA, the accuracy of the information in question. services, all the records made by the Member for the realization of the service after payment;

“Official Authority” means any judicial or administrative authority, official, semi-official or autonomous institution, organization, commission and board;

Taşıma Transport Service “means the service that constitutes the transport / logistics service to be provided to the Member in accordance with a transport service agreement to be concluded between the Member and ENSA through the Platform.

Transport service: Start location, start time, route, destination Member or passenger information All transportation and logistics services provided to the Member by ENSA for travel entered by the Member. Details are given below.

Araç Shared Vehicle araç means vehicles that can be mass-traveled with other customers by giving prior information to the customer in order to provide uninterrupted service to our customers on very busy routes or non-busy routes.

Yolcu Shared Passenger imiz is our customers traveling together on multiple trips.

Delivery of pre-sale services: Identification of the content and service content of the specified condition and quality, which is provided over mobile and the Internet, and all the details and information of the Transportation Services and Logistics Support Service, without any misleading, meaningful and incomplete content to be understood clearly by the MEMBER and presenting price details.

After sales services;

Approving and informing the service: Sharing of the information that is submitted to the MEMBER in 3.1.1, which is approved by the MEMBER and which can be followed by the mobile and the Internet about the services paid, the reservation of the information entered during the payment to be made by ENSA approval and sharing of information for approval.

Realization of the service: Before and during the realization of the said transportation service, the sharing of vehicle, driver and contact information and the implementation of customer support and communication support services 24/7.


a- Membership is the right of the user to complete and complete the information requested by ENSA through internet applications and the user gains following the signing of this agreement. Membership is earned upon completion of (and concluding of this Agreement) the membership transactions on the Platform. MEMBER is a minor, has read the contract, understand, is aware of the rights and obligations, ENSA’s transport service between the company and the Member is the company that provides transportation services through the platform, the company that operates the platform, the service by the company according to the rules of road transport ENSA is jointly liable with the company that produces road transport services due to material and moral damages resulting from the defect of the service, and this agreement does not contain any unfair terms.

b- Member states that ENSA ENs mobile phone, email address and all other information are up to date and in use;